Welcome to Castles & Coasts

Thank you for taking the time to look at this opportunity to work for Castles & Coasts Housing Association. As well as providing a really great career opportunity, it brings with it the opportunity to live in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK, with three National Parks, the Scottish Borders and the glorious north west and north east coasts on our doorstep. Our area has easy access to first class theatre, music and sporting venues and a world class food offering. If you don’t already live here, just imagine the fantastic quality of life that offers you!

CCHA was recently formed from two housing associations based across the North of England. Both were well established, thriving businesses and CCHA is continuing to build on a legacy of good services and a people-focused culture.

With CCHA still in its early stages of formation, the Housing Services Director role will enable you to make a real difference to how services are delivered, to influence the wider direction and growth of CCHA through working with the Board, myself and our two other directors and to develop your leadership potential.

The size and scope of CCHA makes it a perfect organisation if you are currently already in a director role and looking to further develop your leadership skills. Our small Executive Leadership Team is ideal for gaining the broadest understanding of all the aspects of our business, not just housing services. The role would also be suitable for you if you are looking for your first director role, but have a wide specialist knowledge of housing services, people management and business planning.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, as is how we engage with each other and deliver services. You will be keen to embrace the opportunities brought through technology and ready to help us move our operating model towards delivering services in the range of ways, and at times convenient to our residents.

CCHA is already providing good services, but is keen to continue improving and is about to embark on a Business Transformation Project which will fundamentally ensure our service delivery offer meets the needs, and, importantly, the aspirations, of current and future residents. You will ensure that your experience of change management and your dynamic and innovative approach to business transformation helps us to drive the success of this work. You will also be able to demonstrate your innovative thinking on customer engagement.

We can only do our job well at CCHA if we listen to and understand what our residents want from us. CCHA only exists because of current and future residents, and a key part of our purpose is to make sure we are hearing what residents and key partners say and can adapt and respond.

If you look at our website you will be able to read more about our vision, key objectives and core values. I am really passionate about CCHA, as are our Board Members and the people who work for us, who deliver our vision to residents and the communities where we work.

If you like what you read from our pack of information, please complete our application process, telling us how you feel you can really add value and dynamism to our team. Please also contact Ian Robertson from EMA, our retained consultancy, for a discussion. If you choose to apply and are successful, you will be rewarded on all levels - a great place to work, great places to live and a great team of people to work with.

Stephanie Murphy
Chief Executive

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