Housing Services Director - Job Description

Reporting to: Chief Executive

Responsible for: Lettings and Neighbourhoods, Leasehold, Sheltered and Supported, Customer Services and Customer Experience

Role Purpose

  • Lead the delivery of intelligence-led, customer demand, services, that improve efficiencies and customer experiences.
  • Be accountable for the undertaking of market analysis, business and financial planning for the effective delivery of the customer experience.
  • Be an active and effective member of the Executive Leadership Team working collaboratively with the Chief Executive, Board Members and director colleagues on all matters of corporate strategy, to ensure a growing and sustainable CCHA.
  • Provide leadership in developing a culture that enables and emphasises agility, customer orientation and CCHA values.

Leadership to the Housing Services Directorate

  • Provide strategic leadership, direction, support and inspiration for the Housing Services Directorate.
  • Lead and promote a culture of delivery, innovation and resident focus within the directorate, that delivers service excellence and strong results, and which aligns to CCHA's vision and values.
  • Drive improvements to systems and processes, championing new technologies to deliver value for money in the achievement of CCHA's objectives.
  • Ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and the law.

Key responsibilities - Housing Services

Provide corporate leadership and direction to the Housing Services' Teams:

  • Provide motivational leadership, management and support to Housing Services' managers and ensure clarity of direction and effective two-way communication.
  • Lead and develop the strategic plans, targets and priorities for all Housing Services' functions.
  • Set, achieve and be accountable for, departmental performance targets, including benchmarking of performance with relevant external sources.
  • Effectively communicate business and performance data internally and externally.
  • Monitor and review all housing services to ensure they:
    • are effective and responsive
    • meet the needs and aspirations of current and future residents
    • are assessed against relevant market demand
    • deliver value for money
    • comply with regulatory and statutory requirements and the law
    • reflect best practice
    • are, where appropriate, procured using CCHA's Procurement Strategy.
  • Assess and identify opportunities to provide or share services with external organisations, on a commercial basis, as appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain key external relationships, networking effectively to enable delivery of CCHA's corporate objectives and to positively raise its profile.
  • Inspire a culture of high performance to achieve strong results across all areas of the directorate.
  • Lead the delivery of innovative, customer-focused, services, ensuring that the resident voice can influence CCHA's corporate agenda.
  • Contribute to corporate leadership and cultural development across CCHA.
  • Develop and deliver effective consultation and feedback with residents to enable their scrutiny across all areas which affect them.
  • In conjunction with the Chief Executive, and other directors, contribute to the development and implementation of CCHA's Corporate Strategy.
  • Ensure that risks to CCHA achieving its key strategic objectives, and operational risks related to Housing Services, are effectively identified, managed, mitigated and monitored.


  • Ensure high performance by recruiting, leading, managing and motivating an effective Housing Services' management team.
  • Ensure managers and their staff have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and facilitate regular, constructive feedback on performance.
  • Provide appropriate learning opportunities for staff in line with departmental and business priorities.

Key part of the Executive Leadership Team

As a member of the Executive Leadership Team:

  • Manage a range of portfolios and projects that will vary, dependent on business priorities.
  • Work in partnership to create and deliver an effective leadership team.
  • Keep external market conditions under review to develop the Corporate Strategy and other key strategies.
  • Ensure that financial and all other resources of the directorate are managed within agreed plans; to identify and implement opportunities for making best use of all resources.
  • Develop relationships with Board and Committee Members.
  • Advocate the principles of CCHA's operating model in the management of service delivery.
  • Role model a consistent leadership style that reinforces agility, continuous improvement and a focus on building organisational capabilities to see opportunities, solve them and share and embed learning.

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